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Gongland 36" New Pluto Gong



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This gong does not come with a mallet.

Note: This 36" Pluto Gong is unique. Once it sells, we won't have another one exactly like it, but we will eventually get more Pluto Gongs. Please watch the video below to see and hear if this gong resonates with you.

Gongland 36" Pluto Gong (#PQJ612)

Gongland's New Planetary Gongs are tuned to the orbits of the celestial bodies in our solar system. These frequencies are made audible thanks to the groundbreaking work of Hans Cousto, author of The Cosmic Octave.

New Planet Gongs have a nipple, or bell, in the center. The addition of this nipple allows the planetary frequency to stay clear and focused and prevents it from being lost in the overtones.

Pluto would be the farthest planet from the sun if it were still a planet, and was discovered in 1930. Though it is named after the mythological god of the underworld, the creators of myths didn’t even know that Pluto existed. The name came from an 11-year-old girl in England.

In general Pluto is associated with Scorpio. Pluto is very harmonically tuned to the (earth) moon and Neptune. To both of them it has an exact quint-quant relation. Pluto is about 40 times farther away from the earth as the sun and a little smaller than the (earth) moon. Nevertheless it is attached to great importance in recent astrology.

The true lonely planet, cast out from the original order by science who see it as only a rock (egads!), Pluto knows what it feels like to be left out, knows what it’s like to live on the fringe, inside and outside. Moving through signs every 13 - 30 years, Pluto also holds generations within its energy. Play the Pluto Gong for the transformation of group dynamic, for the little rock that, while not technically a planet, totally rocks.

Planetary Tuning:
Pluto - 140.68 Hz / 70.32 Hz

Depth of Nipple: 2 in / 5 cm

Please enjoy a healing sound bath with the 36" New Pluto Gong in the video below:

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