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This gong does not come with a mallet.

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Note: This 50" Universe Gong is unique. Once this gong has sold, we won't get any more exactly like it, but we will eventually get more 50" Universe Gongs. Review the video below to see if this gong resonates with you.

Gongland 50" Universe Gong (#FTC956)

The Universe... we live here, but what is it? Is it a hyperdimensional space? Is it one coordinate in a giant web of 4-dimensional coordinates? Whatever it is, here we are, flying through it as it expands forever outwards, like a big, deep breath.

Gongland's 50" Universe Gong calls us to imagine ourselves at the center of this hyperreality. The universe is you. It is also me. It is all of us, consciousness weaving a massive network of electrons activating and deactivating, breathing in and out.

Add this gong to your sound therapy and spiritual healing toolkit to re-connect yourself and others with the deep, warm hum of the universe, the great cosmic rhythm.

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