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Imperfect Metal Puja Stand for 32" Gongs



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This listing is for the gong stand only. Imperfect items come as is. We can't accept returns on this item, but you're getting a good deal on a great gong stand.

Note: The gong stand in the photo is not the exact item you will receive, but an example of what this stand usually looks like. Please watch the video below to learn more about this gong stand.

The Metal Puja Gong Stand is hand-made and hand-painted by folk artists in rural Thailand. This stand is the perfect combination of beauty and function for your home or at your studio.

This gong stand was purchased and returned to us when an Amazon customer did not like it. It has been fitted with some new hardware, has collected a bit of dust, and has assembly stickers attached to it that are easily removable. Besides for this, this gong stand still looks great and functions perfectly, so we are offering it to you at a discount. Get it while it lasts!

Stand Measurements:
Height: 53"
Width: 55"
Interior Height: 41"
Interior Width: 35.5"

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