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Grotta Sonora 32" King Gongs

Grotta Sonora


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This gong does not come with a mallet. We recommend the Ollihess L355. For whale sounds, try the Ollihess Lava Friction Mallet (60 mm).

Note: Each of these gongs is unique. Please review each video before choosing. Once each one has sold, we won't get another exactly like it, but we will eventually get more of that size and style.

32" King Gong with Blue Mirror Spiral (#LNW837)

32" King Gong with Blue Spiral Stargate (#PWT930)

32" King Gong with Desert Rose (#GSF534)

32" King Gong with Purple Mandala Stargate (#DFL827)

Each of these Grotta Sonora King Gongs has its own, unique etching and design. Each gong is not only beautiful in sound, but stands on its own as a work of visual art.

Grotta Sonora gongs are made from an alloy with a high presence of nickel mixed with stainless steel. This special mixture creates a gong that is both physically durable and sonically complex, perfect for sound therapists working with gongs, or composers looking to experiment with unique sounds. Add them to your sound therapy toolkit today.

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