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Meinl Pro Gong/Tam Tam Stand with Second Gong/Tam Tam Holder



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This listing includes the Meinl Pro Gong/Tam Tam Stand and the additional holder for a 2nd gong. There is an option to add wheels.

Over the years the design specs for this have changed. Why? We do not know.
Please be aware: We now recommend the largest two gongs you can put on this at the same time are a 30 inch on top and a 36 inch on bottom.
If you are concerned about sizing or if you have questions about using this stand, please contact us here.

The Meinl Pro Stand features an impressive reinforced base with thicker and wider metal than the original Meinl Gong Stand. It also has a 2nd hanger so you can play two gongs at once!

Or we can recommend it for hanging Cessna planes, or those large anvils that fall from buildings in Warner Bros. Cartoons, or Jared Leto's Ego.

The Meinl Gong Stand is great with or without wheels. You can get your daily workout with a stand without wheels, and if you get a stand with wheels, then you can roll around on it! Either way, you win.

Width of Base: 32"
Depth of Feet: 25"
Adjustable Height: 45" - 75"

With Wheels:
The wheels add about 4 inches to the height of the stand.

Via Meinl:
"A set of four wheels with brakes that attach to the Gong/Tam Tam Stand to make it moveable. An additional tool for ease of mobility." With mobility comes more freedom.

Learn how to assemble this stand with Joshua, the assembly wizard:
Watch stand assembly master Joshua as he walks you through installation of the second gong holder:
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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