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Paiste Three-Tiered Set Stand for 11" - 16" Gongs



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This listing comes with the stand only.

This Three-Tiered Paiste Set Stand is designed to hold the Paiste Sound Creation Chakra Gongs which are 11", 14" and 16", but it can hold any three gongs around this size. Perhaps you have a collection of tuned Thai gongs you want to play together. Or maybe you've been collecting smaller Gongs Unlimited Exclusive gongs. It might be that you have a few Koshi or Zaphir chimes you like to play in your set: this stand can hold them all and a gong. Whatever the collection, this is a great stand to play the small, but powerful instruments you love with ease. The stand has wheels so you can roll it around as needed.

Stand Measurements:
Height: 75"
Outer Width: 24"
Inner Width: 22"
Top Space (hooks to bar): 14"
Middle Space (hooks to bar): 18"
Bottom Space (hooks to floor): 37"
Foot Depth: 28"

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