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Murat Diril Black Sea Gongs

Murat Diril


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This listing comes with the gong only. It does not come with a mallet.

Murat Diril Black Sea Gongs are hand-made in Turkey using a high-quality, unique Bronze alloy. This alloy is difficult to work with, but creates amazing sounds, making their line of gongs one-of-a-kind.

The experience of each of their gongs is mysterious and dark, with soft warmth. The overall sound is very open and complex for a gong with a nipple. The Black Sea line was inspired by listening to the waters of the Black Sea in Samsun, the home of Murat Diril.

These gongs are the perfect addition for sound therapists seeking a new, unique gong sound to fill space in their sound baths. Add one to your sound healing toolkit today.

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