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Oetken 24" Hygiea Gongs

Broder Oetken


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This listing does not include a mallet.

Note: Each 24" Hygiea Gong is unique. Once each one has sold, we won't get another one exactly like it, but we will eventually get more Hygiea Gongs. Review the video below to see and hear if this unique gong resonates with you.

24" Hygiea Gong (#EKR324)

24" Hygiea Gong (#ZZX813)

Each handmade Oetken Gong has its own individual range of tonality and feel, all while retaining the quality of the classic style. Although Broder Oetken is well known as one of the current gongmasters in the world, he says he is constantly developing, honing, and perfecting his gongmaking process. Like his mentor, Walter Meyer, he intends to pass his knowledge to his apprentices to ensure that this rare handicraft continues.

Hygeia is an ancient Greek Goddess, ruling over health and cleanliness. Hygeia is also the name for a major asteroid and possible dwarf planet in the asteroid belt.

Hygiea - 97.73 Hz G2

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