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Oetken Sound Creation Earth Gongs

Broder Oetken


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This listing does not include a gong mallet.

Note: We have specific videos for each unique Sound Creation Gong currently in-stock. Switch between them with the drop-down box to see and hear which unique gong is perfect for you.

28" Sound Creation Earth Gong (#CRZ)

32" Sound Creation Earth Gong (#KQN342)

Broder Oetken's Sound Creation Earth Gongs were developed to evoke the feeling of the earth. Imagine yourself in a deep cavern, or with fresh, dark earth in your hands, the feeling of grass on your feet. Imagine yourself being born straight from the Earth. Warm. Cozy. That's this gong.

Add one to your sound therapy toolkit today and begin working with the healing power of the Earth to do great spiritual healing with sound!

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