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Ohm Therapeutics Treatment Charts Bundle

Ohm Therapeutics


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This listing comes with three two-sided tuning fork treatment charts.

These quick-reference guides are great visual aids for your treatment space, suggesting tuning fork placement and application techniques. Each chart is meant to be an introduction to vibrational healing with Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks.

The Sound Healing Chart - Tuning Fork Primer is a guide for self-care and treating others using the Ohm Mid (136.1 Hz) and Low Ohm (68.05 Hz) Tuning Forks. Learn how to hold, activate, and apply Ohm Tuning Forks to muscle groups, trigger reflex and acu-points to relax muscle tension, and move stagnant energy.

The Massage Therapy Chart provides sound therapy applications for chair and table massage. This chart demonstrates the use of Mid Ohm Unison (2 x 136.1 Hz) and Ohm Octave (136.1 and 68.05 Hz) Tuning Forks. This more advanced guide features tuning fork placements for spinal points, cranial-sacral, and facial applications. Chair placements include shoulder, rhomboid muscles, and more.

The Chakra Balancing with Sound Chart is a guide for the subtle body featuring the High Ohm Set (272.2 & 544.4 Hz) and Sonic Ohm Octave (544.4 Hz & 1088.8 Hz) Tuning Forks. This chart demonstrates how to use unweighted Ohm Tuning Forks to balance and harmonize the energetic body and chakras.

Each two-sided chart is 11" x 17" when fully open and 8.5" x 11" when gate-folded.

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