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Paiste 22" Accent Gong (B Stock)



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This listing does not include a mallet.

You can find a selection of Paiste Gong Mallets Here.

Note: The gong is being offered at a special price for minor cosmetic reasons. Close-ups and details are in the video below.

B Stock - Paiste 22" Accent Gong (#PTA489)

The Paiste Accent Gong is a lively gong that is very similar to a Symphonic Gong, but it is not scraped by the gong makers. This lack of scraping on the Accent keeps the tone lower, and it does not crash or splash as fast.

The Paiste Accent is the kind of accent you want to have.

The 22” Paiste Accent Gong is deep and healing. Paiste scrapes their Symphonic Gongs to create a Symphonic crash. Without the scrapes, the 22” Paiste Accent Gong holds a deeper tone.

For traveling gong healers and Kundalini Yogis, it is a gong that will go wherever you want to go. It is great for walking around in classes or sessions and can travel in planes, trains or automobiles easily.

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