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Paiste 32" Accent Gongs



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This item does not include a mallet.

You can find a selection of Paiste Gong Mallets Here.

Note: These Paiste 32" Accent Gongs were custom ordered. We don't usually carry these in-stock. We have a limited quantity of them available and have recorded each one individually. Please scroll through the drop-down menu above to see and hear which gong resonates with you.

Paiste 32" Accent Gong (#PFM401)

Paiste 32" Accent Gong (#BIR979)

The Paiste Accent Gong is a lively gong that is very similar to a Symphonic Gong, but it is not scraped by the gong makers. This lack of scraping on the Accent keeps the tone lower, and it does not crash or splash as fast.

The 32” Paiste Accent Gong deep, dark and pretty darn awesome.

The Paiste Accent is the kind of accent you want to have.

Item Specifications:
Diameter: 32"
Approximate Weight: 16 lbs

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