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Paiste Square Stand for 30" Gongs - Returned



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This listing includes one Paiste Square Gong Stand.

Note: This stand is being offered at a special price for minor cosmetic reasons. Please watch the video below to learn more about this stand.

Paiste Square Stand for 30" Gongs (#IFT623)

The Paiste Square Gong Stand is a classic style from a classic gong maker, Paiste. Yes, these Paiste Gong Stands come apart for easy carrying. They are also adjustable in height.

The SQUARE Stand only holds one gong and does not have wheels. If you need a stand that holds two gongs and has wheels, please look at Paiste's SET Square Stand, which we also sell.

Made from Steel, "Paisteel", we like to call it. And then with thick, heat-sealed paint, these gong stands are like an old school BMW on the Autobahn, or Rodin's Thinker thinking out loud about where Nietzsche got so misunderstood, and how Ayn Rand got turned into a Calder mobile for infantile libertarians.

It's that good!

And it gets better with the Unlimited Stand Bag perfect for Paiste Set and Square Stands.

Stand for 30" Gong Measurements:
Height: 41" - 74"
Width: 38"

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