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Toca Percussion Ocean Surf Drum (T-SURF)

Toca Percussion


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This listing comes with one ocean surf drum.

The Toca Percussion Ocean Surf Drum is perfect for you, Jonnie Longboard, who is away from his beloved surf - perhaps working in Phoenix or at a convention in Yellowknife Canada... It will remind you of how you eased into your Woody surf mobile and out the gravel driveway from your beach-side bungalow.

Using this Ocean Surf Drum, you won't have to remember the golden light of sunset as you waited for those last waves of evening, you won't have to go home to your studio apartment in Fargo, North Dakota and put the needle on the vinyl to remember your days in warm waves.

The music filled his sand-sprinkled living room as he collapsed on the couch and smiled. He was stoked. It had been a good day. He let the twanging sounds infiltrate his consciousness and cast his mind back over the sweet sounds of a gentle ocean day.

Surf Drum Dimensions:
Diameter: 14"
Depth: About 2”

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