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Aceto 40" Sri Yantra Gong

Shawn Aceto


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This listing does not come with a mallet.

Note: Each of these Sri Yantra Gongs is unique. We won't get more exactly like these, but we will eventually get more Sri Yantra Gongs. Switch between the available options to see and hear each gong.

40" Sri Yantra Gong (#NOID)

The Sri Yantra is composed of nine interlocking triangles that radiate outwards from the center. Four triangles point heavenward. Some say they represent Shiva, or the masculine, while the five that point earthward are for Shakti, or the feminine.

This suggests to some that the Sri Yantra symbolizes for the union of the masculine and the feminine divine, the junction of the physical world, the spiritual realm, and the Source.

Add one of these beautiful European-style Shawn Aceto gongs to your sound therapy toolkit today to do powerful spiritual healing work with the Sri Yantra symbol and sound.

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