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Battiloro Kami Model Handpan - CUSTOM ORDER

Battiloro Handpan


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This listing includes one handpan and carrying case.

Note: Each instrument is handcrafted and hit with thousands of hammer strikes. Because of this, every shell varies and each one will have its own unique markings. These markings will not affect the sound of the instrument. For important tips on Handpan care and maintenance, please click here.


This item ships directly from Batilloro Handpan in Italy. They usually ship to you, dear customer, within 5 business days. If this handpan is not currently available in stock, Batilloro will ship within 3 - 4 weeks. If you would like to purchase one of these handpans contact us and we will work out all the details with you and then create a custom order for you to purchase.

With a passion for this unconventional instrument and a team of highly skilled artisans, Battiloro Handpan began creating artisanal handpans in Italy in 2016. Each handpan is entirely handmade, respecting the very nature of the Handpan, born as a labor of love.

Known as the "432 Hz Handpan Specialists", they have focused on creating Handpans tuned to 432 Hz as to be more harmonious with the frequencies of nature.

Kami is the Japanese term for objects worthy of veneration in the Shinto tradition. Spirits and guardians of the places inhabited by the divine, the Kami are both the created and the creators of the force that generates them: they are not separate from nature, but belong to nature herself.

The Kami Model Handpan tuned in F sharp minor, a precious scale that melts the spaces and naturally fills the gaps between each sound, starting with the more solemn ones. The overall tone is one of great spiritual power, in which the instrument itself, like the Kami, gives visibility to the sacred roots of the universe.

Each of these beautiful creations is as much a tool of sonic healing as a piece of physical art. Add one to your sound healing toolkit today!

Scale: F# Mystic | 432 Hz

Notes: F# - (C#) - (D) - F# - G# - A - C# - D - F# - G# - A

Handpan Measurements (Approx.):
Diameter: 22"
Height: 10"
Weight: 8.8 lbs

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