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Lifting Buddha Gong Stand for 6" to 7" Gongs



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This stand is perfect for 6" to 7" gongs. It comes with a matching mallet.

The world is aware of the image of the Laughing Buddha, jolly, round, and smiling with his hands in the air, beckoning in happiness. While joyful and charming, this Buddha is never specifically regarded as strong. That is why we created the Lifting Buddha and gave him his own stand.

With the sheer force of a sumo wrestler, the Lifting Buddha has metaphorically lifted the human race onto his strong back. After a task so trying, let him rest and lift your small gong a bit, you'll be pleased you trusted in such a stalwart soul as Buddha!

Made from wood, and in three pieces that fit together easily, without any need for tools or screws, it is a triumph of modern enlightenment! The Dalai Lama, if he saw this stand, and was back in Tibet, would say this stand rivals Desmond Tutu for being the cutest little spiritual leader in the universe (the bishop's tiny!). He would be very impressed with the mallet that hangs via the use of magnets as well. (The Dalai Lama loves magnets.) Enlightened shoppers know that these small gongs on the Lifting Buddha Gong Stand will make the world a better place.

Measurements of Gong Stand:
Height: 11.25"
Width: 13"
Depth: 6.25"

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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