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Svaram Glassophone (A 432 Hz)



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This listing includes the Glassophone instrument and a carrying case. It does not come with a mallet as this instrument is meant to be played with wet hands.

The Svaram Glassophone is a miraculously beautiful instrument comprised of 9 quartz crystal tubes held in place by soft rubber rounds. This allows for a sturdy instrument with enough flexibility to provide extraordinary resonance.

Simply wet your hands and gently rub the crystal tubes. It produces an angelic and wonderful haunting ambient tone which is pure magic.

The harp comes with a sturdy case which allows it to be very safe for travel. Add this beautiful Glassophone to your sound healing toolkit today and begin working with crystalline sound.

Notes: C - D - E - G - A - C - D - E - G (A 432hz)

Glassophone Measurements:
Length: 25"
Width: 23"
Height: 5.5"
Weight: 6 lbs 8 oz

Case Dimensions: 27" x 26" x 8"

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