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Freenotes Pegasus (A = 440 Hz)



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The Freenotes Pegasus comes with four mallets.

Freenotes Musical Instruments were created by Richard Cooke, a Grammy award-winning musician who created a family of instruments that give everyone a way to play beautiful music simply. Each Freenotes instrument is sturdy, lightweight, and portable, with no moving parts or necessary tuning, making them a great instrument for beginners and trained musicians alike!

The Freenotes Pegasus divides the diatonic scale into the major and minor pentatonic scales of C Major and A Minor. This allows modulation from major to relative minor during play without having to memorize intricate chord progression. A Minor is the scale on the left side of the Pegasus Instrument, while the C Major scale is on the right. As both a stunning art piece and amazing instrument, the Pegasus is sure to astound listeners and viewers alike.

The notes are made with 1" wide aluminum bars that are resonated by 1.5" square tubes, giving these instruments remarkable projection and sustain. Add a Freenotes Instrument to your sound healing toolkit today and begin to unlock your creative potential!

Pegasus Notes from Left to Right:
B - A - F - E - C - B - A - F - E - C - B - A - C - D - E - G - A - C - D - E - G - A - C

Pegasus Measurements:
Length: 34.25"
Width: 16.75"
Depth: 3.75"

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