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Ohm Therapeutics Practitioner Tuning Fork Activators

Ohm Therapeutics


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This listing is for the latex free Practitioner Activator with rubber buckle only.

The Ohm Therapeutics Practitioner Tuning Fork Activator is designed to fit comfortably around the leg, leaving both hands free for tuning fork application. It comes with quality elastic strap that won’t loosen or slip, a buckle that closes and releases easily, and a latex-free rubber surface that is formed to fit comfortably on the leg. This indispensable tool enables the practitioner to move freely around a treatment table.

Ohm Therapeutics tested the durometer of various materials, to ensure the ideal balance of “hardness” and “give.” If the material is too hard, the strike will produce an unpleasant noise and undue wear on the tuning fork, and your hand/wrist. Too soft, and the activation is weak and the sustain of the vibration is compromised.

In Sound Healing, the noise of the “strike” should be as unobtrusive as possible. The material used in the Activator and Practitioner Activator was carefully chosen for its level of firmness, to provide an ideal surface when activating your tuning forks, both weighted and unweighted.

Regular Strap Length: 24-25"

Large Strap Length: 28-30"

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