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Set of 9 Sacred Solfeggio Tuned Healing Chimes



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This listing comes with 9 tuned chimes, hanger, and mallet.

This Set of 9 Sacred Solfeggio Chimes are designed and tuned to the Solfeggio tones with the addition of 3 connecting notes. These tones were used in Gregorian chants and other ancient spiritual music and were calculated using the Pythagorean method.

These chimes are made from heat-treated aluminum pipes and are hand-tuned, creating clean tones with long sustain and a great potential for emotional and spiritual healing.

Add this set to your spiritual and sound healing toolkit today and tap into the ancient power of the Solfeggio tones for spiritual blessings.

Chime Tunings:
UT - 396 Hz
RE - 417 Hz
MI - 528 Hz
FA - 639 Hz
Sol - 741 Hz
LA - 852 Hz

Additional Chimes:
174 Hz
285 Hz
963 Hz

Length: 14.5" to 36"
Diameter: 1"

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