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Unlimited 22" Deep Circle Shaman Drum - Devotion



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This listing includes the drum and a mallet.

Note: The drum in the picture and video is not the exact drum you will receive, but an example of what these generally look and sound like. These shaman drums are made from natural products so every instrument is unique and different skin textures may occur.

Deep Circle Shaman Drums are made to connect not only with your body, but also your mind and spirit. Each drum is infused with a vibration; the image imprinted on the leather helps bring it out. Set your intention and play your drum. The rhythm will go soul deep.

The 22" Deep Circle Shaman Drum - Devotion

Bhakti Yoga focuses on spiritual devotion to a variety of Hindu deities so the yogi can lose a sense of separated self and unite with the Divine. Christian mystics surrender to God and have ecstatic moments. The Buddhists, less concerned with a Divine Entity, meditate and can experience what some call “Ego Death.”

The Ego Death that present-day psychedelic practitioners seek can lead to a connection with the Divine, but it can also be a trap their Ego plays on them. Focused on killing the Ego, you treat it like a problem, and that gives it life. If you open up to Devotion, then your focus is on Creator, and the Ego dissipates. You are not playing its game.

We all have been devoted to things in our lives: family, school, religion, money, relationships, nation, sports teams. This kind of devotion helps us remember we are part of a greater whole.

Play this drum when you give thanks, when you need help, when you seek spiritual joy. Play it when you and those around you want to connect to the Divine with love, joy and devotion.

Drum Measurements:
Diameter: 22.25" / 56.5 cm
Height: 3" / 7.6 cm
Weight: 2 lbs 2 oz

Mallet Measurements:
Total Length: 14"
Handle Length: 12"
Head Length: 2"
Head Diameter: 1.5"
Handle Diameter: 2 cm
Weight: 3 oz

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