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The Perfect Smiley Face Gong Combo



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This perfect listing includes the smiling gong, gong stand, and mallet!

The Perfect Smiley Face Gong Combo is resting on your shelf/mantle/window-sill/diving board/etcetera. YOU have joined the happiness rebellion against all that seeks to have dominion over you, simply via the purchase of this elegant little combo.

The 8” Wind Gong that forms the heart of the gong combo is specially treated with the smiley face design to ensure that those lovely windy gong tones come through loud and clear.

The High-C Stand is calibrated to keep your gong swinging and to give your message of happiness full voice. And we throw in a mallet just because without it, what would you use?

Get yourself a Perfect Smiley Face gong combo. Display it as a badge of honor in the revolution. Bring more smiles into the world. It's the part (and the gong) you were born to play.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 15"
Width: 11"
Depth of Feet: 10"

Learn how to assemble this stand with Trevor, the assembly wizard:

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
This warning applies to the gong stand.

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