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17" Zildjian Gou Gong on Great Wall Hangers

Unlimited & Zildjian


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This combo includes the gong, gong hanger in the color of your choice, and a matching mallet.

Note: The gong in the picture and video is not the exact gong you will receive, but is an example of what these gongs usually look and sound like.

The Zildjian Gou Gong (sometimes called a Hmong Shaman Gong) has a rich history and tradition of healing and being used as a medicinal tool. This gong is heavy and thick with a turned edge, producing warm tones that are clear and linear, with less spread and overtones than a traditional Chau or Wind Gong.

Gou Gongs produce a higher fundamental pitch with shorter sustain than other gongs. Their lower-volume sounds make them best suited for use in smaller ensembles and more intimate performance spaces. There is a small Zildjian logo etched on the front of the gong and a small black logo printed on the back of the gong.

Made of solid pine by descendants of people who actually worked on the Great Wall, this hanger is where the past meets the present and points the way to the future. The Great Wall Hanger is the answer to the prayer that so many of you had. Gongs Unlimited is here to make your vision real.

Find assembly videos for the Great Wall Gong Hanger here.

Gong Measurements:
Diameter: 17"
Rim Thickness: 1"
Approximate Weight: 9 lbs

Hanger Measurements:
Horizontal Length: 23.5"
Vertical Length: 23.5"
Width: 4"

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