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22" Eye of Horus Chau Gongs



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This listing comes with the gong and a mallet.

Note: The gong in the photo and video isn't the exact gong you'll receive, but a very good example of what they usually look and sound like.

Horus was an Ancient Egyptian sky god, often depicted as a falcon. The right eye of Horus was associated with Ra, the Sun god, while the other eye was sometimes associated with Thoth, or the Moon. Beliefs surrounding the Eyes of Horus came to be associated with the power of the "evil eye" and the ability to counteract it with a "good eye", similar to the Hamsa symbol.

We've engraved this powerful, ancient symbol onto our 22" Chau Gong, which creates a focused, clear, mid-level tone with expanding but contained harmonics that build to a medium crash. It is a perfect accent gong for sound baths or sound healing, which can be held and played by hand or mounted to a stand.

Add the power of the Eye of Horus to your sound therapy toolkit, working to provide spiritual protection and to receive powerful blessings from the cycles of the Sun and Moon.

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