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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Ma Gong is fully lathed with a more or less flat face. They are smaller in diameter and provide gentle bell-like tones. If a Ma Gong could grow up, it would become a White Gong.



The 7” Ma Gong

Man bites dog. Sure, we've heard that before. But Man bites gong?

The phrase 'Man Bites Dog' is humorous or thought provoking because we ascribe a certain animal unpredictability to the dog, and civility to the human, but many times, the dog appears more loyal and calm, and the man more wild and ferocious.

And the same with the gong. Its tones can be unpredictable and wild, but really it serves its master, us, like a devoted animal. While how we strike it is the wild unpredictable streak.

Hence the photo here.

Man, hereby represented by the Head Mallethead of Gongs Unlimited, is now a dog, or nature, and the gong, has been bitten by him.

The 8” Ma Gong beard of the djinns because, and I quote his djinniness, “I wanted to have a face only a Ma Gong could love.”

He added and I quote again, “This way it would be easier to tell if other gods genuinely liked me, or if they were only hanging out with me for my wishes.”

He also wants all the fashionistas out there to know that the Ma Gongs are widely available and he would use his powers to make sure everyone who ordered one got a complimentary mallet included.

Ah, he is one of the more benevolent deities.

More on Near Deities Fashion Week.

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