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Unlimited Pasi Gongs



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This listing includes a traditional Chinese gong mallet.

The Pasi Gong fits in the style of Chinese gongs that are smaller, fully lathed, with a more or less flat face. Pasi Gongs in all sizes are bright, happy gongs.



The 10” Pasi Gong is a very good gong for performances and... circuses.

While the very nice person, Stephanie, who is holding this 10” Pasi Gong is not a performer in a circus, she does work at Gongs Unlimited, and many folks who come in and see us at work, do consider what we do as a bit of a circus. There is lots of juggling going on, and sometimes a high-wire act, and when you get us in our colorful van, we can be reminiscent of clowns in a tiny car.

The 12" Pasi Gong is the perfect gong to add a surprising splash to you and your friend group.

Do you need to alert your posse of your presence? Perhaps you are not like Jesus, whose sparkling energy alerted his 12 core homies that he was near. Perhaps you are a pretty bubble of energy and want to wake people up to the fun. Whatever your reason, the shimmering splash livens up a room!

Gather round, one and all! Now is the time!

Hello 14” Pasi Gong, how are you today?

Oh I'm gonging...ahem...doing very well, thank you.

14 inches is a good amount of bronze, if you know what I mean. I want to hear all about you. What are your best qualities?

I'm not one to bang my own gong. But you can. Pick up that mallet and invite me.

Haha! That's more like a tickle!

Oooo, but the sound. You have such depth. Sends a shiver down my spine.

Want to try again?

I do! Oh, yes! That crash! That bright, shimmer of sound moving through my brain. Whoa!

I've got what you need. Dark depth, bright crashes. Baby, I'm your gong.

Yes, you are.

The 15” Pasi Gong has a playful tone. It’s zesty. It’s spunky. It’s totally pasi! It’s like Drew Barrymore compared to Emma Thompson.

It’s a gong that calls people to the streets, specifically to call them to the streets for an opera!

Funny Aside: While we in the West have been taught to accord great respect to our operas, with all their excessively passionate stories and bloviated emotions, the Chinese, for many years, did not treat their opera the same.

Well, Chinese culture was dominated for many centuries by the teachings of Confucius. Now good old Connie F. believed that music was a means to chill the passions, not to excite them; to dispel unrest and lust, rather than as a form of entertainment.

We are not ruled by Confucius now. But we, like the Chinese, believe that sound influences the harmony of the universe. And we believe the 15” Pasi Gong can bring a little spunk to your funk.

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