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Set of 15 Human Organ Tuned Healing Chimes



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This listing includes 15 tuned chimes, hanger, and a mallet.

This Set of 15 Human Organ Tuned Healing Chimes is designed and tuned to represent the 15 primary organs and their related systems in the body. These systems perform specific functions or groups of functions.

These chimes are made from heat-treated aluminum pipes and are hand-tuned, creating clean tones with long sustain and a great potential for emotional and spiritual healing.

Add this set to your spiritual and sound healing toolkit today and tap into the power of the body's organic systems!

Chime Tuning:
Blood: E 321.9 Hz
Adrenals: B 492.8 Hz
Kidneys: E♭ 319.88 Hz
Liver: E♭ 317.83 Hz
Bladder: F 352 Hz
Intestines: C 281 Hz
Lungs: A 220 Hz
Colon: F 176 Hz
Gall Bladder: E 164.3 Hz
Pancreas: C 117.3 Hz
Stomach: A 110 Hz
Brain: E♭ 315.8 Hz
Fat Cells: C 295.8 Hz
Muscles: E 324 Hz
Bone: A♭ 418.3 Hz

Length: 21.5" to 45.5"
Diameter: 1"

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