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Set of 8 Harmonic Tuned Healing Chimes with Wooden Stand



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This listing comes with 8 tuned chimes, wood stand, and a mallet.

This Set of 8 Harmonic Tuned Healing Chimes is tuned to be in touch with the physical plane of existence of your body. The physical plane revolves around the 5 human senses and various parts of our physical bodies like the tissues, fluids, bones, and organs. Each tube is tuned to relate to a different state of consciousness and body posture. These chimes produce pure sounds and overtones for instant relaxation and self-centering.

The chimes are made from heat-treated aluminum pipes and are hand-tuned, creating clean tones with long sustain and a great potential for emotional and spiritual healing. It comes on a hand-crafted wood stand, made for holding up to 9 of these tubes.

Add this set to you spiritual and sound healing toolkit today and discover their great healing and relaxing effects.

Chime Tunings:
Root Chakra: 256 Hz
Sacral Chakra: 288 Hz
Solar Plexus Chakra: 320 Hz
Heart Chakra: 341.3 Hz
Throat Chakra: 384 Hz
Third Eye Chakra: 426.7 Hz
Crown Chakra: 480 Hz
Higher Octave of Root Chakra: 512 Hz

Chime Measurements:
Length: 21" to 30"
Diameter: 1"

Stand Measurements:
Height: 51.5"
Width: 32.8"
Depth of Feet: 17"

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