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Unlimited 528 Hz Sound Healing Wind Chime



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This listing comes with the chime only.

Based on 528 Hz, the most significant of the Solfeggio Frequencies, with higher tones in the five pipes, the 528 Hz Sound Healing Wind Chime is a chime that everybody will love.

The frequency of 528 Hz is believed to be the love frequency. It is thought to resonate at the core of everything; connecting our heart, our spiritual nature, and the divine harmony. This frequency is believed to bring transformation and an increased amount of love energy, clarity of mind, awareness, activated creativity, and inner peace.

The tubes are aluminum, making them lightweight and clear-toned with long sustain. They are perfect for catching the breeze on your front porch or added to your sound therapy toolkit to accent your other instruments.

Please note: If the teak wood is exposed to regular moisture, its color will fade slowly. It is part of its natural process. In drier climates, the teak wood will take longer to show any signs of weathering.

Chime Frequencies:
528 Hz
792 Hz
1056 Hz
1320 Hz
1584 Hz

Chime Measurements:
Total Length: 31" / 79 cm
Total Width: 4" / 10 cm
Weight: 10 oz

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