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Moksha Joe Gong Stands for 14" Gongs



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This stand comes with a matching mallet.

The Moksha Joe Gong Stand is a classic simple design for 14" gongs. Clear lines of solid workman- or woman-ship make this stand a perfect fit for any room or office. Just choose the color you prefer. 

Ah, to finish with the cycle of reincarnation! Even if you’re not Hindu, you kinda know it will be delightful to get off the wheel of samsara, the merry-go-round of …birth, death, rebirth… to reach a state of union with the Creator once again. How great it will be to have such self-knowledge, bliss, and freedom!  It’ll be Moksha! (Or to all the Buddhists in da house- Nirvana!)

But all these religions make it seem so far away! (Even though time doesn’t really exist.) Only certain amazing souls from ancient eras have crossed this threshold. How far away it is for all of us! But maybe that is not correct; maybe it is closer than we think. (Caveat - this does not apply to spiritual types who believe the part of their ego that’s always telling them how advanced a soul they are…)

One day, maybe the ascended master that communicates with you will not be an ancient, but rather a former customer service rep who attained nirvana named Makenna, or an electrician named Joe. Good ol’ Moksha Joe has all the answers for you today.

One day it will be a Worker’s Paradise in Moksha.

Stand Measurements:
Height: 28"
Top Width: 25.5"
Base Width: 24"
Depth of Base: 7"

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

This warning applies to the gong stand.

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