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Banjira Jori Tabla Set with Dhamas and 5.75" Tabla (D#)



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The Jori Tabla Set includes Brass Nickel Plated Dhamas and a 5.75" tabla.

Pre-dating the common style of tabla, is the older, Jori, style. The Jori, sometimes called the Panjabi Pakhawaj, is said to have been created by Sata & Balwand, two musicians in the court of the Fifth Sikh Guru. According to tradition, they cut a pakhawaj in two creating a pair of drums; Jori translates as pair.

The base drum, called dhamma, is tall with nearly parallel sides, and has a smooth head. The player applies a thin layer of chapati dough to the dhamma's head. This thin layer must be removed and re-applied before each session.

Only the smaller drum in the Jori, the pura, has the black syahi. The sound generated from the Jori carries well, it is louder and deeper compared to the common tabla set.

Dayan head diameter: 5.75"
Average Dayan height: 11"
Bayan head diameter: 9.5"
Average Bayan height: 12.5"

NOTE: The Bayan height and head diameter are an average measurement and can vary. Length, height and width are for the set in the case.

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