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Meinl Tri Sound Fiberglass Ibo Drums



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Each Ibo Drum comes with a foam padded base.

Udu Drums originated among the Igbo (Ibo) people of the South East of Nigeria. It is an ancient utility vessel that has evolved into a popular percussion instrument. The Tri Sound Ibo Drum is traditionally called "Udu Igbah": Udu in the Igbo language means pot, Igbah means skin drum.

The Tri Sound Ibo Drum is versatile. It produces a special effect sound and can nearly mimic a talking drum (Ayan in the Yoruba language). The Tri Sound Ibo in the hands of an experienced musician is a formidable gear. This unique Ibo Drum features an additional rawhide playing surface and an extra thin bottom for enhanced sound.

Drum Details
• Size: Large
• Material: Premium fiberglass
• Extra fiberglass playing surface
• Resistant shell construction
• Built in microphone hole

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