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A Special Note from Boyd the Dress-Wearing Blue-Finned Tuna

Dear Gong Lovers,

What are Meinl Special Offers and Used Gongs? They are the same Meinl-made, with Meinl-level quality gongs you love! Often, they are pre-owned by one of our customers we’re helping to pass along to a new gong lover. Or from our own stock. Or it could even be that a new Meinl Gong has arrived to us with a visual imperfection.

When we have one, it is posted here! We do our best to give you all the information we can.

"Great!" you say, "Lemme know when you have one!"

Sorry. We cant! There isn’t a VIP Waiting list to get on. There isn’t a regular Waiting list. There are no lists!!! This is a game of luck-of fate!

If a Special Offer or Used Meinl Gong is in your future, it shall appear to you at the perfect time. We are not to going to interfere with the tricky nature of Fate. Also we are way too busy to notify everyone. If it is the right gong for you, it shall be yours.

Boyd the Dress-Wearing Blue-Finned Tuna