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About Gongs Unlimited - The World's Happiest Gong Sellers

The Malletheads at Gongs Unlimited are always happy to help you with everything Gong!  We are in resonance with you.  We are all the little bangs after the Big Bang. 

We've been selling gongs since 2004 and we are still, after all these years, deliriously charming over the phone and via email.  We can't guarantee any of the Malletheads will be up at 2 AM but if we are, we'll be happy to listen to your questions or your sick gong and suggest a way to cure it without antibiotics.  

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Gongs Unlimited exists for many reasons, not the least of which are:

  • We love sound and fun and music and spiritual healing
  • We enjoy sending round metal objects around the globe
  • Gongs ain't easy to find. You just can't walk into the mall and find one, Girl Scouts ain't selling them like cookies, they're not like kisses from your Grandma.   Gongs Unlimited is here to be the Girl Scout Grandma of Gongs! We are here to hold your hand and get you the right gong! XOXO.

What a wonderful world it would be if, instead of smartphones to text each other, we only used gongs!   And imagine how much the Earth would cool off, if the only vehicles on the road were delivery trucks, delivering gongs we bought on the interstellarnet?!

Sure, maybe it sounds a little crazy, but when you're like us, doing gong hits all day, you come up with some pretty interesting ideas.



YES! They've written about us in the WALL STREET JOURNAL too. Click here to read Barry Newman's front page article and see video!

And now they've interviewed us on NPR too! Click here to read article and listen to Guy Raz and the piece!

And now eBay has interviewed and featured us as one of their 20 top small businesses! Link goes to screenshot!


NEED TO CALL US? HERE IS THE MAGIC GONG NUMBER----> +1.402.474.GONG (4664) We're located in NEBRASKA. (That means Central Time in USA. like Chicago.)


4930 N. 57th Street  
Lincoln, NE 68507 USA



YES!  GONGS UNLIMITED PROVIDED THE 80" Paiste Symphonic Gong to THE GONG SHOW starring Mike Myers! 



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