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Battiloro Handpans

"Like a human voice, each Battiloro Handpan is unique."

With a passion for this unconventional instrument and a team of highly skilled artisans, Battiloro Handpan began creating artisanal handpans in Italy in 2016.

Each handpan is entirely handmade, respecting the very nature of the Handpan, born as a labor of love. They have kept production on a smaller artisanal scale, in order to give each instrument the time needed to be sculpted, forged, tuned, polished, and turned into a unique piece.

Known as the "432 Hz Handpan Specialists", Battiloro Handpan has focused on creating Handpans tuned to 432 Hz as to be more harmonious with the frequencies of nature. Handpan's frequency at 432 Hz has an immediate relaxing impact during mindfulness sessions and personal meditation, helping to reach an enhanced state of consciousness and boosting focus and emotional balance.

Each of these innovative creations is as much a tool of sonic healing as a piece of physical art. Add one to your sound healing toolkit today!

Take a quick look at Battiloro Handpans creation process in the video below: