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Brief Description of Unlimited Traditional Chinese Gongs

Chau: The iconic Chau yields a balanced sound with a concentrated, deeper tone up front, building to a controlled crash of a range of overtones and harmonics.

Wind: This gong is fully lathed with no rim on the back, creating a crashing, celebratory gong with an emphasis on the bright wash of overtones and harmonics.

Solar Flare: This gong has no rim, like the Wind gong. The overall crash has a more drawn-out, concentrated range of tones. It brings a beautiful aesthetic to any room.

White: The lathing creates a bright, airy sound with a quick crash. The rim helps to control some of that crash, giving a bit of clarity to the overall sound.

Heng: Made with thicker bronze and a deeper rim, the Heng gong has a deep, concentrated, bell-like tone with a very focused range of harmonics on the crash.

Che Sui / Ma / Night / Pasi: These styles are similar in design with a flat face and a prominent rim. They have a clear, concentrated, bell-like tone at the smaller sizes (the Ma and the Che Sui). The larger versions (Night and Pasi) have more crash with a bit more brightness over the bell-like tone.

Opera / Tiger: This classic gong has a face that comes out forward from the edge of the gong, and a rim on the back. This creates a ascending or descending pitch-bending effect (boing!). These gongs have been utilized in Chinese Opera for centuries.

Bao: This gong utilizes a raised bump in the middle, known as the bell or the nipple. This variation creates a very clear-toned gong. The Bao gong provides a great, clear, tonic layer.

Xiang Jia: This traditional and unique style is made with very thick, unlathed bronze and it has a very deep rim, like the Heng gong. The Xiang Jia is very deep and profound with very little crash.

If you have questions, our Unlimited staff want nothing more than to help you find the perfect gong, so contact us!