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Paiste Gongs with Paiste Box

  • Paiste gong boxes are double walled, sturdy boxes designed to protect Paiste gongs.
  • Before laying the gong into the box, make sure there is a piece of paper or packing foam that rests between the front of the gong and the box, so that the face of the gong does not touch the cardboard.
  • There are four foam corners which keep the gong from moving around within the box. These should rest upon the piece of paper
  • Gong is covered with the paper it arrives with, and so that no part of the gong is touching the box or the styrofoam
  • Take care to pull the gong rope or gut to rest on the back of the gong. If gong is laying face down on the rope, it can mark up the gong, and we will have to clean it.

Paiste Gongs with Other Box

Grotta Sonora Gongs

Oetken - Hand Gongs

Oetken Gongs

Meinl Gongs

Gongland Gongs

Tone of Life Gongs

The video below is applicable to all Gong returns.