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Gongland Gongs

Gongland Gongs are the work of Rolf Nitsch, a true Gong Master. Before meeting Toomas Paiste in 1977, 21-year old Rolf was an apprentice metalworker. Rolf trained with Paiste for more than 20 years, also learning from and working with the experienced gong masters Rudi Bonness and Siegfried Jusseit. Rolf's gongs showcase decades of dedication to the craft.

After leaving Paiste in the early 2000's, Rolf spent years studying music therapy. In 2013, he teamed up with gongmaker Johannes Heimrath from Sona Sound to develop unique gongs for Tone of Life. Because of his history learning from and working with other gong masters, Rolf is a leading expert in gong making. Gongland gongs are remarkable sound healing instruments.

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