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Luminanti Tuning Forks

Luminanti Tuning Forks were created by Anne Tooley. In 1988, at the age of 35, she survived a traumatic car crash. This near-death experience changed her. In seeking new and alternative ways to heal from the emotional and physical trauma of her accident, she explored a wide range of alternative healing therapies and complementary medicine to the treatment she was already receiving.

After taking courses in Vibrational Energy Medicine in 1991, Anne discovered that she had an intuitive understanding of this sound and vibration as a healing medium. She continued to explore this path, working with perception and the senses, using sound, color, light, aroma, touch, and energy to heal herself and others.

In the last three decades, she's received a long list of certifications and trainings in a range of healing styles from aromatherapy to crystal healing. These experiences inform her unique and intuitive perspective, bringing her deep understanding of vibrational healing to sound therapists since 1991. Her years of expertise and vibrational healing wisdom informed the creation of Luminanti Tuning Forks.