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Moon Baby Walking Gongs

Moon Baby Gongs are created by Jessie Snyder in the great plains of the American Midwest. With the encouragement and instruction of professional gong maker, Ryan Shelledy, she began creating handheld wind style Walking Gongs after leaving the restaurant industry.

Made in a similar style to many other sound creation type gongs, where the gong is built around a specific feeling and energy, each Moon Baby Gong is a powerful work of sonic art. They will enchant and delight you with their beautiful appearance and captivating sounds.

They are the perfect accent gongs for sound baths or sound healing, which can be held and played by hand or mounted to a stand. Add one to you sound healing toolkit today for a stunning new addition to your sound baths!

"The calm that our bodies and minds crave can always be found in nature. Nature is where life began, and it's where it returns when it ends. I really try to bring that sense of peace, and connection to the universe through nature, into the essence of my gongs." - Jessie Snyder