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PraPelnia Crafts

"Our mission is to produce a wide range of therapy, relaxation instruments, and accessories so that everyone can find a way to tune and raise their own frequency."

PraPelnia Crafts is a group of skillful craftsmen who make fine handmade products with great dedication and passion. Their products are made with a keen eye for detail out of the highest quality materials to ensure the durability and precision of their products.

For over a decade, PraPelnia has been running as a shop with therapeutic, ethnic, and shamanic instruments, gaining customers’ trust and the leading position on the Polish market. With time and acquired experience, they have began to manufacture items of their own with a goal to improve and evolve previously existing and create entirely new therapeutic instruments.

Inspired by the strength of traditional brass gongs and the depth of Tibetan Bowls, PraPelnia Crafts began to manufacture tuning forks out of brass. Brass Tuning Forks are a precise and powerful tool, characterized by strong vibrations. Unlike aluminum forks, they do not need extra weights to transmit vibrations to the handle and will never go out of tune.

See our selection of PraPelnia Brass Tuning Forks here.