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Shawn Aceto Gongs

Shawn Aceto makes beautiful and unique gongs that we're excited to bring to you. His one-of-a-kind gongs are the perfect addition to any sound therapy toolkit.Take a look at what we have to offer and listen to some of our videos on the individual gong pages.

In Shawn's own words:

"I want to create dynamic instruments that offer a full spectrum of sound to create texture and layers of experience. Each gong is unique to itself, matching only a template of a previous version. They are not locked into strict predetermined frequency parameters, but rather to have a character to them. Inspiration ranges from esoterics, to science, to ancient iconography, a sonic canvas created to evoke a visceral experience that encourages you to come closer, to explore, and open to a transcendent experience.

My hope is that my gongs will continue to enchant and inspire for a lifetime, that each stroke provides new and exciting nuance for both the player and listener."