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UFIP Gongs

Based in Italy, UFIP Percussion has been a place for true artisans, creating the highest-quality percussion and cymbals since 1931. UFIP Gongs are famous for their role in both concert music and sound therapy. For sound healing practitioners, these subtle gongs are perfect for intimate, one-on-one and small group sessions. For percussionists, these gongs are well suited for contemporary chamber music, when there is need for fast articulation, responsiveness and power that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

UFIPs Targo Tam Tams are made in the traditional ancient manner casting bell bronze. UFIP also uses sheet bronze and brass to make gongs in the more modern European tradition. In addition to gongs, UFIP also makes a variety of tuned percussion-like bells, crotales and similar.

Please contact us if you are interested in UFIP’s tuned instruments.