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Yar Indigenous Flutes

Inspired by the natural vibrations of the universe, Yar Flutes are handcrafted in the Middle East by two young artists and musicians with experience creating a variety of sound healing tools such as gongs, harps, flutes, and singing bowls.

Their flutes are developed from a deep, shared tradition of wooden flute-making developed and honed over many centuries by a wide range Indigenous tribes and groups from North, Central, and South America. Today, this style is commonly referred to as the Native American Flute or Indigenous Flute (similar to the French Horn).

The tribes and groups we refer to as "Indigenous" are varied, differing nations and cultures, spanning over hundreds and hundreds of years. Each of these groups had their own musical customs and their own hand in the development of the Indigenous or Native American Flute tradition. These evolving musical customs are alive today, expressed and celebrated through a wide range of tribal traditions that continue to thrive across the two continents.

With their instruments and music, Yar seeks to connect the world to nature and to the divine by tapping into the rich Indigenous tradition of wooden flutes. These wooden flutes are the perfect addition to any sound healing and therapy toolkit.

Watch an introduction video on these flutes here.