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Meinl 12" Floatune Series Djembes



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There are three color options of this Djembe to choose from.

The Meinl Floatune Djembes are modelled after the West African originals. Deep, round-sounding bass notes complimented by crisp tones and slaps are produced by this drum.

•L-shaped tuning key
•Tune up oil
•Tall: 24 1/4"
•Material: Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)
•3 mm rounded SSR-Hoops
•8 mm strong tuning lugs
•Chrome plated hardware
•Floatune tuning system
•Rubber padding and offset clamping screws allow easy handling
•Easy tuning and comfortable change of heads
•True skin goat heads
•Finish: Matte
•Diameter: 12"

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