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Au Courant Gong Stand for 14" Gongs



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This stand comes with a matching mallet.

The Au Courant Gong Stand for 14" Gongs is a tribute, an homage to roundness. Many people have strong positive feelings towards roundness.

Yes! Circular objects are pleasing in their suggestion of softness - no sharp angles! - and in the way they mirror familiar objects found in the natural world. (Planets, fishes' mouths, Oreos...) Current, cutting-edge, and fashionable, the Au Courant Gong Stand is no different.

Ahh, how soothing, the neverending circle of a continuous curve. If you enjoy the oblique sleekness of your gong and wish to surround it in another circle and you are a vampire...then this gong is the O Positive choice.

Gong Stand Measurements:
Height: 20"
Width at Base: 14"
Depth of Base: 4"
Diameter: 19"

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