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Biosonics Pair of Body Tuning Forks



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This listing comes with a pair of body tuning forks, pamphlet and a stylish, velvet pouch for carrying anywhere tuning forks go.

How To Hold and Tap Your Tuning Forks from John Beaulieu on Vimeo.

These forks are tuned to C and G. The classic 3:2 ratio between the C 256 Hz and G 384 Hz Body Tuning Forks, the perfect fifth, helps to align oneself, to find calm and peace, to connect with higher consciousness. It is a gateway for you, to higher realms.

When you listen to these two frequencies, your body hears them as a single tone, bringing balance and deep relaxation, aligning mind and body. Use these tuning forks in your sound therapy and spiritual healing practice to promote states of unification.

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