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Biosonics Set of 5 Brain Tuning Forks



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This listing comes with 5 brain tuning forks, pamphlet and velvet carrying bag.

How To Hold and Tap Your Tuning Forks from John Beaulieu on Vimeo.

The Set of 5 Brain Tuners were developed based on brain wave studies using EEG technology, mapping different states of consciousness known as Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta wave states of the mind. These forks are tuned to frequencies that help align the brain with these different states of consciousness.

By sounding one fork on the left ear and another on the right, the brain integrates the two differing tones to create a third, different tone called a binaural beat heard as a pulsation, gently signalling the brain to shift consciousness. Use these forks to attune your own consciousness based on these different brainwave states.

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