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Mehtab Benton is a long-time friend of gongs, and a long-time yoga teacher and certified Vedic astrologer. Throughout his career he has trained hundreds of yoga teachers, therapists, and musicians in the art of playing the gong. Mehtab has played the gong for eighteen years in many different environments, from concerts and workshops to yoga classes.

Gong Therapy is written by a gong player for gong players. Mehtab Benton has taught gong players around the world in the subjects of Gong Therapy. Use the tools in this guide to help understand subjects like “The Basis of Sound Healing and Yoga Therapy” or even “How to Play the Gong Therapeutically”.

This is a book that not only discusses the hows and whys, but also even goes in depth how to begin Gong Therapy as a profession.

Gong Yoga is a comprehensive book on practicing and teaching yoga with the sound of the gong. You will learn about the origin, history and use of the gong for yoga and meditation as well as its current therapeutic applications for healing and transformation.

The book contains a step-by-step training guide to teach yourself how to play the gong through a series of practice sessions. You will learn the basic techniques to play the gong effectively as well as more advanced techniques to create your own personalized gong playing routines. You will also learn how to structure yoga classes and individual practices using the gong as well as how to develop gong yoga therapy sessions for your students and professional clients.

A special chapter on Kundalini Yoga and the Gong explains the use of specific mantras and meditations, as well as information on the chakras, the major energy channels of the body (the nadis), and the five sheaths of existence (the koshas), that are key to understanding how the gong integrates with the practice of yoga.

Also included is how to select and care for your gong and additional resources to develop your skills.

Teaching Gong Yoga is the first comprehensive book on using the sound of the Gong to enhance the practices of Yoga, including asana, pranayama, mantra, meditation and relaxation.

Gong players, sound healers, yoga teachers, and students will learn how the gong can be used in all types of yoga, including Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, and Senior’s Yoga.

You will learn the theory and practice for; Constructing and teaching Gong Yoga classes, playing the gong for the chakras, practicing meditation with the gong, using gong maps to develop your playing techniques, and creating deep relaxation and healing through the gong.

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